Alta Miniature American Shepherds

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Alta Miniature American Shepherds Overseas Contract

This document is between:

Alta Miniature American Shepherds-Valerie Nilsson

Phone: 1 (403) 308-3655

Magrath, Alberta

Referred to in the document as the “Seller”.


Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

Referred to in the document as the “Buyer”.

Dog Purchase Price: ________________________________________________________

Shipping Costs: ____________________________________________________________

Deposit Received: __________________________________________________________

To ensure the comfort, ease and understanding for all parties and dogs involved we have developed an information page that provides basic information about purchasing and shipping overseas. This ensures that the process is completed in a timely manner with the safety and wellbeing of the dog our priority.

  1. Puppies cannot ship overseas until their rabies vaccines are completed. Puppies can be vaccinated no earlier then twelve weeks. With the mandatory 21 day wait period after the rabies vaccine puppies cannot ship until sixteen weeks of age.
  2. All dogs and puppies are required to be microchipped before leaving.
  3. The dog is to be shipped in a timely manner, expected to be thirty days from the time of purchase. If for some reason the dog cannot be shipped in 30 days from initial purchase a kennel day fee of. $5.00 USD will be charged daily. The dog cannot be shipped until the kennel fee is paid in full.
  4. Young puppies will require a $5.00 USD kennel fee if they exceed a stay of 30 days after eight weeks of age.
  5. If the dogs time exceeds three months without paid kennel fees Alta Miniature American Shepherds reserves the right to resell said dog without refund to the buyer. Our time is not free, and monies will cover the time, travel, and vet fees associated with the lost sale.
  6. Alta Miniature American Shepherds ships overseas from Canadian Airports. We are prepared to ship overseas from United States of America airports, but please be aware that there will be an extra fee to transport the dog across USA-Canadian border.
  7. Dogs are not to leave the property of Alta Miniature American Shepherds until paid for in FULL.

Costs to keep in mind are:

  1. The flights. These may vary by airlines. The destination, weight of dog, size of crate, and selected airline all have an impact on the price of the transport.
  2. Crate. Prices vary on size of crates. We WILL NOT reduce crate sizes to reduce cost. The comfort and wellbeing of our dogs is our number one priority.
  3. Fuel for transporting dog to our veterinarians for health certificates, vaccinations, microchipping etc. Cost of travel to the airport is also the responsibility of the Buyer.
  4. Veterinarian costs -Which include the microchip, rabies vaccine, and veterinarian health certificate.
  5. Federal veterinarian costs to ship to Europe.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know the rules and custom regulations of a dog coming into your country. Be aware that there will be Canadian taxes on top of the purchase and shipping expenses of the dog.

Please note: Any testing requirements of the Buyer are the responsibility of the Buyer. This includes DNA testing, genetic tests, or hip/elbow/patella/CERF testing.

Buyer Signature: ___________________________________________________

Seller Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________